Abstract Submission

Read the guidelines below to ensure that you have not missed important information that may hinder your submission.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission / Registration Open October 17, 2017
Abstract Submission Due February 22, 2018
Notification of Presentation style Late March
*Japan Standard Time, UTC+9

Guidelines for Submission

  1. 1. All abstracts must be presented in English and submitted via the online submission system.
  2. 2. The Corresponding Author will automatically be the Presenting Author.
  3. 3. Please select an applicable category listed below and a preferred presentation style (Platform session or Poster Presentation).
    • * Platform session:
      Computer-based presentation only (film slides or videotapes are not allowed).
    • * Poster Presentation:
      Discussion in the Poster Hall
    • *category list:
      01: Gene Expression and Regulatory Networks
      02: Epigenetics and Environment Factors in Cardiovascular Development
      03: Cardiovascular Stem Cells and Progenitors
      04: Heart Fields and Morphogenesis
      05: Myocardial Development and Cardiomyopathies
      06: Heart Valve Development and Disease
      07: Conduction System and Arrhythmias
      08: Vascular Development and Diseases
      09: Epicardium and Coronary Vessel Development
      10: Ductus and Pulmonary Circulation
      11: Cardiovascular Genetics
      12: Cardiovascular Regeneration
      13: Tissue Engineering
      14: New Technologies
      15: Others
  4. 4. The abstract title is limited to 25 words and the abstract text is limited to 300words (include spacing).
    Authors are limited to 10 people (include presenting author) and author’s affiliation is limited to 5 institutions.
  5. 5. For your submission, please use following letters only;
    Guidelines for Submission

Notification of Presentation style

The International Organizing Committee will make the final decision on presentation style of abstracts and notification will be sent by email by late March.

Registration Procedure

All attendees are required to complete their registration to the Conference as well as their payment of registration fee before submitting their Abstracts.

Privacy Policy

Weinstein Cardiovascular Development and Regeneration Conference 2018 Secretariat recognizes the importance of personal information and the importance of our responsibility to protect privacy.
Please note that personal information in the submission system will not be used for purposes other than the conference. Your information will be stored in controlled servers with limited access.


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