Authors Instruction

Instruction for Platform Presentations

All General Sessions will be held in the Noh Theater on the first floor of the Main Building. Each presentation consists of 15 minutes talk followed by up to 5 minutes for discussion. It is important that presenters do not exceed their allocated time.
Screen size of the Noh Theater is 4.26m x 2.5m. Both 16:9 and 4:3 slide presentations are acceptable (16:9 is preferable).

※Platform presenters do not have to prepare posters.

Instruction for Poster Presentations

Thank you very much for presenting your posters at Weinstein 2018.
Please read the following instructions carefully to ensure your smooth poster presentations.

The Guideline for Poster Presentation shall be announced accordingly.

■Poster Size Specifications.

※The poster number shall be attached on top of the poster board.
So, you can use up the space within the poster board as much as possible.

Poster Size

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