10th CSRS-AP JAPAN2019

VISA for non-Japanese participants of CSRS-AP 2019

A valid passport is required to enter Japan. Participants from certain countries/areas are also required a visa to enter Japan.
Please refer to the following page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for more information.

If you are not sure whether you require a visa to enter Japan, please check with the nearest Japanese embassy or consulate in your country.

Deadline for applying VISA documentation:

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Inquiries for VISA documentation:

The organizer will prepare the documents that should be prepared by the inviting person in Japan and send them to you.
If you require the document from the organizer to obtain a visa, please contact the CSRS-AP 2019 Visa Support Office, who takes care of the documentation.

CSRS-AP 2019 Visa Support Office
c/o TEI Inc.
E-mail: visa-application@t-e-i.co.jp

Before you apply for assistance, you are required to take the following steps.
1. Complete your registration with full payment of the fee
2. Book a Flight
3. Reserve a Hotel
* The period of your stay must be scheduled for a maximum of 5 days (including the arrival & departure day in Japan).

Please note that the organizers might deny the visa document application in case the applicant is not an author of the congress and/or organizing committee consider he/she is not suitable for participants of the congress.
As it often takes several weeks to process a VISA to Japan, it is strongly recommended that you start applying your visa as soon as possible.

Use of personal information:

The congress will use the personal information (name of applicant, contact information, email address, etc.) only for the purposes of VISA applying documentation to enter Japan. The said information will not be employed beyond this scope of intended use.
Personal information will never be provided to the third parties and will be strictly supervised to ensure the proper handling by the Registration Secretariat.