10th CSRS-AP JAPAN2019

Welcome Message

10th Anniversary Meeting of CSRS-AP

Dear Colleagues and Friends

It is a great honor for me to be able to welcome all of you to the 10th Anniversary Meeting of CSRS-AP to be held in Yokohama from March 14th to 16th in 2019.
We already have a 10-year history as a sister society of CSRS and CSRS-ES. Although this 10-year period is not so long, it has been a very challenging and meaningful decade, I think.

We have helped to overcome the differences in social climate and medical conditions among various countries in the Asia-Pacific region. And as everyone has noticed, our true friendship has matured during the past 10 years.
In this meeting, I would like you to keep the special phrase “Unlocking Potential” in your mind. This phrase reflects my strong passion as a senior Asian spine surgeon. I very much want all young Asian spine physicians to notice your potential/power/ability in the cervical spine field, and to have confidence. Open mind, original ideas, the spirit of never giving up: all of these are keys needed for us to continue advancing!  The Darma doll seen on the home page of this meeting is a symbol representing this kind of positive spirit.

We are planning to organize an Asian Symposium with “Case Presentations and Discussion”, which was a very popular format at the Kobe meeting two years ago. We look forward to active application from Asia. “Neurophysiological spinal cord monitoring” is another interesting topic, on which we plan to receive instructive lectures by two specialists.

Yokohama and Kobe were two of the first port cities that helped to open up our country to the rest of the world as a modern state at the end of “Samurai era”. Then, Yokohama flourished as a base for exporting high quality silk, and Gunma where I am working now was the main region of silk production. In this way the Gunma-Yokohama connection was a major pillar of the acquisition of foreign currency at that time. When you walk around in Yokohama, you can still feel the exoticism associated with this historical background.

We will try our hardest to make this memorable academic meeting serve as a bridge to the advances anticipated to be made in our field in the next decade. To ensure the success of this we are counting on the enthusiasm and participation of all of you.

For all of these reasons I am very much looking forward to seeing you all in Yokohama next March.

Sincerely yours,

Takachika Shimizu, MD

President, 10th Annual Meeting of Cervical Spine Research Society-Asia Pacific Section