The 121st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Ophthalmological Society

Notification of abstract acceptance

Session date and time, session title, abstract number have been listed.(2017/01/30)

Allotted time for presentation:

Papers: 8 minutes for presentation and 4 minutes for discussion.
Posters: 3 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for discussion.

set-up 9:00-12:00, Thursday, April 6
Presentation and discussion 17:30-18:05 (the first half) / 18:05-18:40 (the last half), Friday, April 7
Clean-up 18:00-19:00, Saturday, April 8

Poster size: 160cm in height × 90cm in width

abstract acceptance

Registration No Session style Session title Session Date Session Time Abstract number
T000001 Posters Cataract surgery 1 Friday, April 7 17:30-17:55 P1-036
T000002 Posters Strabismus, amblyopia, pediatric ophthalmology Friday, April 7 18:05-18:40 P2-194
T000003 Posters Myopia and anterior segment analysis Friday, April 7 18:05-18:35 P2-226
T000004 Papers Corneal endothelium, angiogenesis Friday, April 7 16:02-17:02 O2-184
T000005 Posters Cornea: basic research Friday, April 7 18:05-18:30 P2-008
T000006 Papers Refractive surgery Saturday, April 8 09:00-10:00 O3-274
T000007 Papers Cataract surgery Friday, April 7 15:55-16:55 O2-232
T000008 Posters Retina: Neovascularization Friday, April 7 18:05-18:35 P2-166
T000009 Posters Retina: Blood flow Friday, April 7 18:05-18:30 P2-153
T000010 Papers Retina: Neovascularization Sunday, April 9 11:10-12:10 O4-306
T000011 Papers Allergy, immunology Thursday, April 6 10:58-12:03 O1-014
T000012 Posters Strabismus, amblyopia, pediatric ophthalmology Friday, April 7 18:05-18:40 P2-192
T000013 Posters Refractive correction: Basics and clinics Friday, April 7 17:30-18:00 P1-234
T000014 Papers Oculae adnexa Thursday, April 6 09:00-10:00 O1-032
T000015 Posters Imaging and electrophysiology Friday, April 7 18:05-18:20 P2-236


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Japanese Ophthalmological Society

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