Special Lecture

Special Lecture 1April 20 (Sat) 13:45-14:45

【 Room1, 4F Hall C, Tokyo International Forum 】
Tetsuro Oshika
(Tsukuba Univ)
Bioimaging of the Retina and Choroid
-From Basic Research to Clinical Practice and Artificial Intelligence-
Yuichiro Ogura
(Nagoya City Univ)

Special Lecture 2April 19 (Fri) 14:00-15:00

【 Room1, 4F Hall C, Tokyo International Forum 】
Kohji Nishida
(Osaka Univ)
Basic and Clinical Approaches to Ocular Infection
Yoshitsugu Inoue
(Tottori Univ)

Invited Lecture

Invited Lecture 1April 19 (Fri) 11:30-12:30

【 Room1, 4F Hall C, Tokyo International Forum 】
Toshinori Murata
(Shinshu Univ)
Biomarkers: Forging a Clinical Path
Roger W Beuerman
(Singapore Eye Research Inst)

Invited Lecture 2April 20 (Sat) 11:45-12:45

【 Room1, 4F Hall C, Tokyo International Forum 】
Akito Hirakata
(Kyorin Univ)
Young Hee Yoon
(Asan Med Ctr, Univ of Ulsan)
Bioengineered Retinal Implants to Restore Sight
Mark S. Humayun
(Univ Southern California)

Council Designated LecturesApril 20 (Sat) 14:55-17:25

【 Room1, 4F Hall C, Tokyo International Forum 】
Challenges to Refractory Eye Diseases
Hidenobu Tanihara
(Kumamoto Univ)
Trigeminal nerve and limbal stem cells:
Pathobiology and treatment strategy of neurotrophic keratopathy
Shizuya Saika
(Wakayama Med Univ)
Novel understanding and foresight in the pathogenesis of intraocular inflammatory diseases
Toshikatsu Kaburaki
(Tokyo Univ)
Investigations of gene pathogenecity of hereditary chorioretinal dystrophies
Kazushige Tsunoda
(Tokyo Med Ctr)

The International Crosstalk Symposium
by Young Ophthalmologists
April 20 (Sat) 9:00-10:30

【 Room8, 1F Hall D1, Tokyo International Forum 】
Makoto Nakamura
(Kobe Univ)
Miho Sato
(Hamamatsu Med Univ)
Longitudinal comparison of LASIK versus PRK for high myopia
Tommy CY Chan
(Hong Kong Santatorium & Hosp)
Burden of diabetic retinopathy and blindness in Indonesia
Muhammad Bayu Sasongko
(Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia)
Novel predictors of treatment-requiring retinopathy of prematurity
Mitsuru Arima
(Kyushu Univ)
The Role of inverted internal limiting membrane flap in macular hole closure
Yusuke Shiode
(Okayama Univ)
Immunogenetics of Behçetʼs disease
Masaki Takeuchi
(Yokohama City Univ)
Predictive finding of macular ischemia in eyes with RVO using OCT
Taiji Hasegawa
(Tokyo Women's Med Univ)
Retinal microvasculature and visual acuity in branch retinal vein occlusion
Taku Wakabayashi
(Osaka Univ)

International Symposium

International Symposium 1April 18 (Thu) 9:00-10:30

【 Room4, 5F Hall B5 (1), Tokyo International Forum 】
Cutting edge research of cornea and ocular surface
Tetsuya Kawakita
(Kitasato Inst Hosp)
Yuichi Hori
(Toho Univ, Omori)
Tetsuya Kawakita
(Kitasato Inst Hosp)
Ultrahigh resolutional OCT in the detection of corneal diseases
Wei-Li Chen
(National Taiwan Univ)
Mechanism and surgical strategies for type-2 Bubble in deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty(DALK)
Wei Chen
(Wenzhou Med Univ)
Results of cultivated autologous limbal stem cell using new method for mass production
Vilavun Puangsricharern
(Chulalongkorn Univ,
 King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hosp)
Th17 cells mediate autoimmune lacrimal keratoconjunctivitis with neural damage
Kyoung Yul Seo
(Yonsei Univ Med College)
Corneal endothelial regeneration by cell-injection therapy
Noriko Koizumi
(Doshisha Univ)

International Symposium 2April 18 (Thu) 10:50-12:20

【 Room4, 5F Hall B5 (1), Tokyo International Forum 】
Cutting edge in surgical retina
Motohiro Kamei
(Aichi Med Univ)
Makoto Inoue
(Kyorin Univ)
Motohiro Kamei
(Aichi Med Univ)
Vitrectomy for Infectious endophthalmitis
Kuan-Jen Chen
(Chang Gung Memorial Hosp)
Endoscopy in vitreoretinal diseases
Vivek P Dave
(Kanuri Santhamma Ctr for
 Vitreo Retinal diseases L V Prasad Eye Inst)
Impact of Swept Source OCT on Macular Surgery
Yuki Morizane
(Okayama Univ)
Premium vitreous body implantation
Hirokazu Sakaguchi
(Osaka Univ)

International Symposium 3April 18 (Thu) 14:00-15:30

【 Room4, 5F Hall B5 (1), Tokyo International Forum 】
Hot topics of glaucoma operation
Toshihiro Inoue
(Kumamoto Univ)
Toshiaki Kubota
(Oita Univ)
Toshihiro Inoue
(Kumamoto Univ)
Trabeculotomy:Past, present and future
Daisuke Shiba
(Keio Univ)
Trabectome surgery:effects and limitations
Nobuyuki Shoji
(Kitasato Univ)
Trabeculotomy from infant to adult;the forerunner of modern angle surgery
Ahmad K Khalil
(Research Inst of Ophthal)
Optimising glaucoma surgical outcomes:current practisesandnew ideas on the prevention of scarring
Tina Wong
(Singapore National Eye Ctr, Singapore)

International Symposium 4April 18 (Thu) 15:50-17:20

【 Room4, 5F Hall B5 (1), Tokyo International Forum 】
Novel concepts for development of therapetics against refractory ocular diseases
Masaki Tanito
(Shimane Univ)
Hiroshi Tomita
(Iwate Univ)
Masaki Tanito
(Shimane Univ)
Role of caveolae in modulation of intraocular pressure and aqueous drainage
Michael H Elliott
(Univ of Oklahoma Health Sciences Ctr)
Prospect of acid Ceramidase for Protecting Retinal Cells from Degeneration Ceramide and Retinal Diseases
Nawajes Mandal
(Univ of Tennessee Health Science Ctr,
 Hamilton Eye Inst)
In vitro ischemia reperfusion model of human iPS-derived retinal ganglion cell
Tadashi Yokoi
(National Center for Child Health & Development)
Gene therapy using our developed mVChR1 gene for Retinitis Pigmentosa
Eriko Sugano
(Faculty of Science and Engineering, Iwate Univ)
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