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Welcome Message

Message from the President of the 125th Annual Meeting of
the Japanese Ophthalmological Society

Kanji Takahashi,MD
President of the 125th Annual Meeting of
the Japanese Ophthalmological Society in 2021
Kanji Takahashi, MD
Professor, Department of Ophthalmology,
Kansai Medical University, School of Medicine

 It will be my great pleasure to welcome you to the 125th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Ophthalmological Society in 2021. This meeting will be held in Osaka, where Kansai Medical University will be in charge as the host organization. It has been 23 years since Professor. Masanobu Uyama of our University was in charge of the 101st Annual Meeting at Kyoto International Conference Center in 1998. I would like to express my gratitude to the directors, councilors and academic members of the Japanese Ophthalmological Society for allowing me this opportunity. The vice president of this meeting is Dr. Akihiko Sahori (Chairman of the Osaka Ophthalmologists Association), and the Chair of the Program Committee is Professor Hiroshi Inatani (Fukui University).
 The theme of this meeting is "withdom and practice," an expression related to the motto of our department. Needless to say, medicine is a practical discipline, and it is important to apply confident “withdom” to diagnose, treat, and improve the condition of patients. This is no less important in the area of Ophthalmology than in other medical fields. In that sense, this annual meeting is the best opportunity to gather knowledge from the cutting edge of basic science in practical clinical research. I hope that all participants who attend this meeting will be able to absorb an abundance of new knowledge and make use of it immediately in their clinical practice.

 In addition to free papers, this meeting will feature twenty symposium sessions, ten educational seminar sessions, and ten international symposium sessions. The main program events will be the Invited Lectures by Professor Devid F. Garwy-Heath (Moorfields Eye Hospidal) and Dr. SriniVas Sadda (President, Doheney Eye Institute) and the Special Lectures by Professor Taiji Sakamoto (Kagoshima University) and Professor Tsunehiko Ikeda (Osaka Medical College).

 The Council Designated Lectures on the theme of “Minimally Invasive Examination and Treatment in Ophthalmology” by Dr. Akihito Uji (Kyoto University), Dr. Akira Kobayashi (Kanazawa University), and Dr. Taiji Nagaoka (Nihon University) will reveal their research achievements during the past two years.

 The 124th Annual Meeting (President: Professor Hiroshi Goto of Tokyo Medical University) was held as a non-aggregated Web meeting under a governmental declaration of a state of emergency due to the new Coronavirus (COVID-19). Our plans for the 125th meeting will ensure full safety even in a state of emergency. We are eager to invite a large number of applications for free papers in many areas of expertise in Ophthalmology, and we are looking forward to many participants joining and enjoying this meeting in Osaka in the full bloom of Spring.

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