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Special Lecture

Special Lecture 1April 10, Sat. 10:55-11:55

Hiroko Terasaki
(Inst of Innovation for Future Society,
Nagoya Univ)
AI + Big Data in Ophthalmology (version 1.0):
Human Cognition or Controlling Time
Taiji Sakamoto
(Kagoshima Univ)

Special Lecture 2April 9, Fri. 13:55-14:55

Hidetoshi Yamashita
(Yamagata Univ)
The pathogenesis of vitreoretinal diseases: Simple clinical starting
Tsunehiko Ikeda
(Osaka Med Coll)

Invited Lecture

Invited Lecture 1April 9, Fri. 11:15-12:15

Masaru Inatani
(Fukui Univ)
Clinical trials for glaucoma: lessons from the UK Glaucoma Treatment Study
David F. Garway-Heath
(University College London, UK)

Invited Lecture 2April 10, Sat. 9:55-10:55

Kanji Takahashi
(Kansai Med Univ)
Management of Fluid in Age-Related Macular Degeneraton
Srinivas R. Sadda
(Doheny Eye Institute, USA)

Council Disignated LecturesApril 10, Sat. 14:05-16:35

Minimally Invasive Examination and Treatment in Ophthalmology
Yuichiro Ogura
(Nagoya City Univ)
Growth and Maturity of Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography
Akihito Uji
(Kyoto Univ)
In vivo corneal examination and minimally invasive keratoplasty
Akira Kobayashi
(Kanazawa Univ)
Challenge for minimally invasive evaluation and treatment of
diabetic retinopathy
Taiji Nagaoka
(Nihon Univ)

International Symposium

International Symposium 1April 8, Thu. 9:00-10:30

Advances in keratoplasty and eye banking
Kohji Nishida
(Osaka Univ)
Akira Kobayashi
(Kanazawa Univ)
Optimized outcome in high-risk keratoplasty: cautery, crosslinking & more
Claus Cursiefen
(Univ of Cologne, Germany)
Surgical approach to successful Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (DALK)
Rajesh Fogla
(Apollo Hosp, India)
Post-keratoplasty fungal infections: prevention and management
Bennie H. Jeng
(Univ of Maryland, USA)
Endothelium-In DMEK for Standard and Complex Cases
Jod S. Mehta
(Singapore Nat Eye Ctr, Singapore)
What I've learned from my DMEK surgery
Takahiko Hayashi
(Nihon Univ)
New Graft Insertion Device for DSAEK
Takeshi Soma
(Osaka Univ)

International Symposium 2April 8, Thu. 10:50-12:20

Global Updates for Myopia Prevention
Kyoko Ohno-Matsui
(Tokyo Med and Dent Univ)
Yasushi Ikuno
(Ikuno Eye Ctr)
Current situation on myopia prevention and control in Japan
Tae Igarashi-Yokoi
(Tokyo Med and Dent Univ)
To devise a standardized protocol for Japanese school myopia
Sayuri Ninomiya
(Itami Central Eye Cl)
Low-concentration atropine for myopia control
Jason C.S. Yam
(The Chinese of Univ of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
Outdoor activities and myopia prevention: Taiwan's experience
Pei-Chang Wu
(Chang Gung Memorial Hosp, Taiwan)
Community and School-Based Intervention in Children Myopia Control
in Shanghai
Haidong Zou
(Shanghai General Hosp, Shanghai Eye Hosp, China)

International Symposium 3April 8, Thu. 14:10-15:10

Glaucoma laser treatment: Evolving techniques and novel evidences
Toshihiro Inoue
(Kumamoto Univ)
Hiroki Nomoto
(Kindai Univ)
Overview of laser treatment against glaucoma
Masaki Tanito
(Shimane Univ)
Current management of PACS: Lessons from the ZAP and ANA-LIS trials
Tin Aung
(Singapore Nat Eye Ctr, Singapore)
Trend and Cost-effectiveness for Treatment modality of glaucoma
Donghyun Jee
(St. Vincent Hosp, Catholic Univ of Korea, Korea)
Selective laser trabeculoplasty for the 21st century: The light trial and beyond
Gus M. Gazzard
(Moorfields Eye Hosp and UCL, UK)

International Symposium 4April 8, Thu. 15:25-16:25

Research advancement in the pathology of age-related macular degeneration
Fumi Gomi
(Hyogo Med Coll)
Shigeru Honda
(Osaka City Univ)
Profiling of Lipoprotein subclasses and fatty acids in AMD
Gemmy Chui Ming Cheung
(Singapore Nat Eye Ctr, Singapore)
Renin-angiotensin system impairs macrophage lipid metabolism to
promote AMD
Yoko Ozawa
(St. Luke's International Univ)
Pachychoroid neovasculopathy and exudative changes
Keiko Kataoka
(Kyorin Univ)
Relationship between flow deficits and 3D complexity of neovascular AMD
Amani Fawzi
(Northwestern Univ, USA)

International Symposium 5April 8, Thu. 16:40-17:40

Cutting edge of vitreoretinal surgery
Kazuaki Kadonosono
(Yokohama City Univ, SVR)
Makoto Inoue
(Kyorin Univ)
AI Application in ROP
Wei-Chi Wu
(Chang Gung Memorial Hosp, Taiwan)
Retinal Imaging In Neurodegenerative Diseases: Where do we stand
Dilraj S. Grewal
(Duke Univ Eye Ctr, USA)
What is the best treatment for endophthalmitis using povidone-iodine?
Hiroyuki Nakashizuka
(Nihon Univ)
The effect of cystotomy for treatment refractory diabetic macular edema
Hisanori Imai
(Kobe Univ)

The International Crosstalk Symposium
by Young Ophthalmologists April 10, Sat. 16:50-18:20

Makoto Nakamura
(Kobe Univ)
Tetsuju Sekiryu
(Fukushima Med Univ)
Quadrantic decompression with SRF drainage in Nanophthalmic
Choroidal effusion
Anadi Khatri KC
(Birat Eye Hosp, Nepal)
Association between Fatty Acids Levels and Neovascular AMD in Chinese
Alex LK NG
(Hong Kong Ophthalmic Associates, Hong Kong)
Baseline Central Visual Field Defect as a Risk Factor For NTG Progression
Puspha Raman
(Univ Malaya Med Ctr, Malaysia)
The suitability of corneas from bacteremic donors for corneal transplantation
Hsiao-Sang Chu
(Nat Taiwan Univ Hosp/
Nat Eye Bank of Taiwan, Taiwan)
Electrically evoked potentials in rabbits with severe photoreceptor degeneration
Taro Kominami
(Nagoya Univ/Komaki City Hosp)
S1P Synthesis in Photoreceptors and Impact on Light-Induced Retinal Degeneration
Ryo Terao
(Tokyo Univ)
A Novel Therapeutic Target for Retinopathy Focusing on the PPARα/
FGF21 System
Yohei Tomita
(Keio Univ/Harvard Med)
OCT-Based Diagnostic Criteria for Different Stages of Myopic Maculopathy
Yuxin Fang
(Tokyo Med and Dent Univ)
Glucose tolerance and retinal nerve fiber layer thickness:the Hisayama Study
Kohta Fujiwara
(Kyusyu Univ)

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