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Kyoko Ohno-Matsui, MD, PhD,
The 17th International Myopia Conference
President Kyoko Ohno-Matsui, MD, PhD,
(Professor and Chairwoman, Ophthalmology & Visual Science,
 Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
 As President of the Japan Myopia Society, it is my great honor to announce that the 17th International Myopia Conference (IMC) will be held in Tokyo.
 Myopia is becoming a major social issue as evidenced in recent years by a surge in incidence worldwide. As treatment methods and onset mechanisms garner more interest against this backdrop, the IMC is anticipated to play an extremely vital role as a facilitator of myopia research.
 The IMC has a rich history and tradition, and discussions held at this event have led the forefront of myopia research for more than 50 years since its inaugural meeting in New York in 1964. In 1996, the 6th IMC in Hakone was overseen by Professor Emeritus Takashi Tokoro, and was the first time the conference was held in Japan. The Japan Myopia Society is proud and delighted that the conference will be held for the second time in Japan.
 The mission of the next conference is to cover and present new findings from a wide range of research areas including experimental myopia, environmental factors, genetic analysis, ophthalmological optics and pathologic myopia. We also hope to encourage researchers from around the world to deepen mutual relationships and to broadcast a new global message with respect to the future of myopia research.
 Tokyo Medical and Dental University is an excellent venue for the conference thanks to its location in the heart of Tokyo and its proximity to an international airport.
 Globalization and cultural advancement continues to move forward on a daily basis in Tokyo, in part because the city will host the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in the year following the conference. We look forward to seeing many people from around the world attend the IMC and expand academic and cultural exchange here in Tokyo in the fall of 2019.

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