28th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Jaw Deformities

Call for Abstract

1. Abstract Submission Period

Submission Opens: December 6th, 2017
Submission Deadline: January 24th, 2018

2. Abstract Submission Requirements

Either Japanese or English abstract is acceptable.
Please include author’s information; the title, names of all authors and their affiliations,
Postal and e-mail addresses of the presenting author in addition to the abstract body.
Authors are limited to twenty.

3. Presentation Style

(1) Presentation style

Oral / Poster Presentation / Video Presentation*

*Video Presentation is an Oral Presentation with moving visual images.

It is also allowed to use video for Oral Presentation.

(2) Category
1.Three-dimensional measurement
2.Diagnosis / Treatment planning
3.Three-dimensional simulation /
     computer-assisted surgery
4.Operation / surgical procedure
5.Video presentation
6.Distraction osteogenesis
7.Air way / sleep-rerated breathing disorders
8.Temporomandibular joint
9.Evaluation of function
10.Evaluation of facial morphology
11.Postoperative stability
12.Perioperative management
14.Sensory disturbance / nerve injury
15.Congenital disorder
16.Facial asymmetry
17.Surgical orthodontic treatment
       (skeletal Class Ⅲ, Class Ⅱ, open bite)
18.Surgery-first approach
20.Orthodontic treatment
21.Temporary anchorage device
22.Case report
23.Multiple missing teeth
26. Etiology / gene analysis
27. Basic research
28. Others


4. Submission Notice

Submission notice will be mailed to the specified email address. Please make sure that your submission is completed by checking this notice. (The submission notice will be sent in a week after submission.)
Due to security reasons, any inquiries on passwords or registration numbers shall not be accepted. Please make sure and save as such important information. In case submission notice is not mailed to you after a week, please contact with Meeting Secretariat by e-mail.

5. Notification of Acceptance / Rejection

Acceptance / Rejection, presentation time, and presentation style (oral or poster) shall be decided by the chairman and notified to you by email. For that reason, make sure to register your email address correctly.

6. How to submit your abstract

Please send the “Abstract Submission Form” to the Meeting Secretariat as e-mail attachment to jawd28@jtbcom.co.jp.

7. Required Information for submission

Please input the following information in the “Abstract Submission Form”
*Name of Author
*Name of Co-authors
*Author’s & Co-authors’ Affiliation
(affiliation, address, city, postcode, country, phone number, facsimile number, email)
*Title (word limitation shall be within 15 words in English)
*Presentation Style (oral / poster / video)
*Abstract body (word limitation shall be within 350 words in English)

8. For inquiries, please contact with meeting Secretariat

28th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Jaw Deformities Secretariat
c/o JTB Communication Design, Inc.
Umeda Daibiru 4F, 3-3-10, Umeda, Kita-ku,
Osaka, Japan 530-0001
Phone: +81-6-6348-1391 / Fax: +81-6-6456-4105
E-mail: jawd28@jtbcom.co.jp