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Information for Presenrers

Concerning Conflicts of Interest

All speakers are required to disclose any COI (Conflict of Interest) on the second slide of the presentations, or at the bottom of their posters.

Template can be downloaded from:

COI Sample Slides

Method of presentation

Substitute presentation by a co-presenter
Online presentation (Oral)
Data presentation (Poster)

Data Preparation

Oral Presentation

・Presentation time: 8 minutes, Q&A: 4 minutes
・Please prepare a video file (e.g. mp4) with audio and submit it in advance. (Submission deadline: April 28)
On the day of presentation, files with audio will be played back at the secretariat.
If there are no time difference problems, please participate in the Q&A session online (Zoom).
The Zoom URL for online participation will be provided just prior to the conference.
If the size of presentation data is large, please send it via data storage service.

Poster Presentation

・Submit PowerPoint slides (without audio) in advance. (Submission deadline: April 28)
・The maximum number of slides is 10, excluding the cover page and COI slides.

If the size of presentation data is large, please send it via data storage service.

The secretariat will print out the above data and attach it to the poster board at the poster venue on the day of the conference.
The data will also be made available online during the conference, and questions will be asked in a chat format.

If you would like to prepare a poster (for display), please refer to the following.
Poster size: 90 cm (W) x 180 cm (H).
Title, presenter's name and affiliation should also be 70 cm (W) x 20 cm (H).
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