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※As one prevention measure of infection of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), remote work is being introduced at Congress Secretariat.
For the time being, please contact us by Email.
We regret the inconvenience, yet we would appreciate your understanding.

Call for abstracts of Free Paper

Due to the COVID-19, the International Session will be a remote (online) format.
Further information will be updated on this website.

Call for Abstracts

Call for abstracts for International Session in the JSPRS2022 annual meeting opens on November 15th (Mon.) until January 6th (Thu.), 2022. January 16th (Sun.), 2022.

Important Dates
Deadline for Abstract Submission
January 6, 2022, 23:59 (JST, UTC+9)
January 16, 2022
Notification of Acceptance (by E-mail)
Email will be sent in the beginning of February
Deadline for Registration
February 28, 2022 (JST, UTC+9)
  • ・Abstracts should be submitted online.
  • ・All abstract applicants are required to create a user account first.
  • ・Once the submission is completed, a confirmation e-mail will be sent automatically. If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail within 24 hours after submission, please contact the Congress Secretariat (E-mail:
  • ・Abstract number will be generated automatically when an abstract is submitted.
  • ・For changes, withdrawal or additional submission, please log in to the system using your ID and password from "Abstract Submission" button at the bottom of this page.

Responsibilities of the Presenting Author

  • ・All authors submitting an abstract must register for the Annual Meeting by February 28th (Mon.), 2022.
  • ・The first author listed for each abstract serves as the presenting author and as the primary contact for all correspondence regarding the abstract.
  • ・The presenting author must be one of the co-authors listed on the submitted abstract.
  • ・The presenting author is responsible for ensuring that all authors have read the abstract and agreed to be co-authors.

About Presentation Method 

We would like to ask the speakers of the International Session in the JSPRS2022 to give oral presentations at the venue in principle. However, depending on the state of the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, we may change the presentation method.
For details, we will announce it on the website at a later time.

Due to the COVID-19, the International Session will be a remote (online) format.
Further information will be updated on this website.

Presentation Duration

Each speaker will have 10 minutes for presentation. Please time your talk for 8 minutes, and 2 minutes for questions and answers.
※Type of presentation in the JSPRS2022 is only ORAL PRESENTATION.

Abstract Review and Selection Process

  • ・After the submission deadline, all completed and eligible abstracts will be made available to the Organizing Review Committees for blinded review and scoring, and final decisions will be made in the middle end of January 2022.
  • Incomplete abstracts will not be reviewed.
  • ・All abstracts submitted will be considered eligible for one presentation (ORAL PRESENTATION).

Acceptance / Rejection Notification

  • ・Notification regarding acceptance or rejection of abstracts will be sent to the first (presenting) author by the beginning of February 2022 by e-mail; consequently, an accurate e-mail address is critical. Rejection notifications will also be sent at that time.
  • ・If you have not received the e-mail, please contact Congress Secretariat shown at the bottom of this page.

Conflict-Of-Interest (COI) Disclosure Policies

  • ・Conflict-Of-Interest (COI) Policy requires disclosure of any financial or other interest that might be construed as resulting in an actual, potential, or apparent conflict.
  • ・Please disclose any relationships or circumstances that might affect or appear to affect the research presented. These relationships include you or any individual with whom you directly share income.
  • ・All authors and co-authors are required to provide any relevant information concerning personal or professional circumstances and relationships that might reasonably be expected to affect the author's view on the presentation; including relationships with pharmaceutical companies, or other companies whose products or services are related to the subject matter of the presentation topic. If no relevant relationships exist, this must be stated as well.

Abstract Submission Instruction

  • ・Once you have submitted your abstract, you will be able to change, withdraw, or make an additional submission at any time until January 6th (Thu.) January 16th (Sun.), 2022.
  • ・You cannot make any changes to your abstract after deadline.
  • ・All authors submitting an abstract must register for the Annual Meeting by February 28th (Mon.), 2022.
  • ・Your abstract must include:
    • → Your Name (Name of the First Author)
    • → Name(s) of Affiliation (This will be printed in the Program Book)
    • → Name(s) and Affiliation(s) for Co-Authors
    • → Contact E-mail Address
    • → Title of Abstract (within 15 words)
      The abstract title should be brief and clearly indicate the nature of the presentation. Do not put a period at the end of the title.
    • → Abstract Body (within 250 words)
      The entire body of the abstract must not exceed 250 words.
      Spaces are not included in this number. No tables or diagrams should be included.
    • → Category
      Please select 1 or 2 Categories to your abstract. (Categories will not be printed in the Program Book; they will be used as a reference for peer review.)
  • Category
  • ・Aesthetic
  • ・Aesthetic Breast Surgery
  • ・Benign and Malignant Tumors
  • ・Blepharoplasty
  • ・Breast Reconstruction
  • ・Burn
  • ・Chronic Wound
  • ・Cranio / Maxillofacial Surgery
  • ・Fat Grafting
  • ・Gender Confirmation Medicine / Surgery, Sex Reassignment Surgery
  • ・Hand
  • ・Head & Neck Reconstruction
  • ・Microsurgery / Supermicrosurgery
  • ・Migraine Surgery
  • ・Laser
  • ・Liposuction / Body Contouring
  • ・Lymphedema / Lymphatic Surgery
  • ・Otoplasty
  • ・Robotic Surgery
  • ・Others

Inquiries for Abstract Submission


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